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Corporate Culture

Sustainability as a guiding principle

Responsible handling of ecological, economic and social resources is a central concept at Lamy. Sustainability is a challenge that we tackle every day: with vision, passion and the will continuously to surpass standards that we set ourselves.


We focus on the needs of the customer.


We are prepared to create change and have the courage to try something new every day.


We act cooperatively internally and externally. We see ourselves as a high-performance community – based on mutual trust and respect.


In the development of new writing instruments, we always consider the environmental impact of all the raw resources, materials and production processes used. Residual materials and operating resources are recycled by single type in a large-scale waste management system.
Even the consumption of primary energy and water is reduced to the essential – thanks to heat recovery plants and an efficient system that processes service water for irrigation of our green spaces.


Lamy products stand out for exceptional durability: both in the design characterised by timeless modernity and in the processing, which promises quality and durability. To date, we do not produce a single writing instrument as a disposable product – a Lamy is always an investment.
Also, should anything ever be damaged, all components can be repaired or replaced.


As a family company with a long tradition but also as an employer of around 400 people on the Heidelberg site and as a cultural representative in the region, sustainability is particularly important to us. In our dealings with employees, suppliers and business partners, we rely on longstanding and trusting cooperation: based on a strong conviction that exceptional achievements emerge in a climate of openness and mutual respect.